Key Changes - How we have listened

Given recent events, we have been considering how proposals may need to respond to changing lifestyles patterns including new ways of working and travelling. We are seeking to improve what Hulton Park can bring in terms of access to nature and leisure spaces, a renewed focus on outdoor activities and recreation, and a wider choice of homes set in ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ – where all the services needed for everyday life are within easy walking/cycling distance.

A number of important changes have been made to the scheme in response to feedback from the community and our partners. The key changes include:

  • Greater public access including managed access to the historic parkland of Hulton Park with new routes through and around the Estate.
  • Places to connect with the Parkland such as Chequerbent Barns – a venue for community events and focus for new recreational trails and activities within the Hulton Park proposals.
  • A greater focus on walking and cycling and outdoor activities for all ages, such as guided nature and heritage trails.
  • An increased site area covering land to the west at Lee Hall/Chequerbent adjoining Hulton Park, to integrate this land into the Masterplan and resolve longstanding questions over its future use. The number of new homes across both areas is yet to be finalised but will be fewer than the 3,000 previously identified across both sites, reflecting a reduced density and a shift in focus towards green spaces.
  • A reduced amount of new housing in the Green Belt areas of the Estate, with more of the Green Belt retained open for parkland and sport/recreational use.
  • A new direct link from the M61 Junction 5 through the Estate to North Road, creating a ‘Park Avenue’ to provide local access and help ease congestion in Westhoughton.
  • Environmental Net Gain through Biodiversity Net Gain, including a new nature park area, and enhanced natural capital, alongside a commitment to net zero carbon.

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